Why and How Would You Commission Artwork?

So why might you commission art? You might want something unique for your office, your home, as a special gift, to commemorate an achievement of event. The reasons are numerous and varied.
Seems like a daunting task? If so here are some guidelines that will help both you and the artist get excellent results.


1. Find an artist whose work you really love
There are many excellent artists, so take the time to find one whose work you really enjoy.
Keep an eye out on websites, galleries and in other people's houses for artists whose work really love and make a record of their name. Forgetting where you saw it or who made it can be very frustrating!
2. Be clear with what you want
Good communication is essential. Provide the artist with a clear brief including dimensions, ideas, likes, dislikes deadlines etc., this is extremely important to ensure successful outcome.
3. Speak to the gallery representing the artist, or directly with the artist if possible
Speaking to gallery or artists as it will always bring up something you haven't thought about, even if you have something particular in mind. Be prepared to be asked some questions too.
4. Allow plenty of time
Creating bespoke art can take longer than you initially expected. Bear in mind that your chosen artist is likely to have other projects or exhibitions that they're working on. It is important to get a deadline for completion confirmed before commissioning the artist.
5. Speak to professionals
Getting specific advice on the project from someone with experience always pays off, unprofessional advice can put the artwork and your investment at risk.
6. Pay the gallery or artist on time, and agree ownership
Depending on your commission contract with the gallery or artist, it is likely that you will have to pay deposit at the start of the commission. Ensure you have a clear agreement with regard to staged payments, ownership and copyright of the work before the commission starts.
7. Enjoy your artwork.
Relish what the artist has created for you and the achievement of successfully commissioning your bespoke artwork.

Posted on 13 Sep 2017

Why and How Would You Commission Artwork?