A warm welcome to the Art Evolution newsletter.


A warm welcome to the Art Evolution newsletter. 

It's been an exciting time relaunching Art Evolution as THE place for female artists. Of course I wish there wasn’t a need for a gender-specific place for artists; but until there’s true equality in the art world, I believe it’s not an option. You can read more about this below. 

But for now, head over to the gallery and check out the artists and their fabulous work. And we're always looking to add to the collection so if you are (or know any) a talented female artists, point them our way!


What's new?

Art Evolution is now a place for female artists. The reason? 

Quite simply, to redress the inequality balance in the art world. Just as in the corporate world, discrimination towards women affects the art industry. 

The statistics show just 40% of artists represented in galleries across Britain are women, and only 31% of artists are female in London-based galleries. And the scene is also similar for big art prizes. For example, since The Turner Prize was set up in 1984, only five of the 31 Turner Prize winners have been women. 

So now our clear mission is to help women artists in Northumberland, the UK and further afield, to promote and sell their artwork online in an environment where they feel confident, comfortable, and empowered.

The response we've had so far has been fantastic!

Spreading the message that women are as valuable as men in art, as well as in business and in any other part of life, is vital. I’m very excited to offer the perfect way to recognise and celebrate the stunning work that female artists are creating.

Artists we know you will love!
Below is just a taste of some of the glorious works from a selection of the artists we're privileged to showcase here at Art Evolution.

Take a browse through the gallery and if you like what you see use the code WeLoveArt to get a 25% discount. It's applicable for the next seven days so get cracking!
Katie Edward's screen-printed illustrations reflect her love and enthusiasm for the natural world, evoking thoughtfulness and humour. She designs and creates her conceptual ideas at her studio located at the foot of Lake Windermere in the Lake District. 
The talented Irina Rumyantseva creates a variety of artwork, mainly on canvas, from abstract art to figurative art, cityscape, animals and wildlife, and still-life paintings. She uses each experience as an inspiration to create something unique.
Gina Gelder is passionate about painting wildlife and garners inspiration outdoors in the Northumberland landscape. Her technique of working as quickly as possible allows her to achieve a loose and lively style which makes her paintings so beautifully unique. 
Inspired by prehistory, Criss Chaney’s glass work takes on forms reminiscent of stones and geodes, dealing with questions of the origin of the universe, life, and humanity. Her work makes people question their views on glass pushing the boundaries between this medium and other materials.

Featured artist

Each month we feature one of our fabulous female artists. This month sees Sarah Farooqi take centre-stage. Her pen and watercolour art (see below) is inspired by the beautiful county of Northumberland and beautifully reflect her love of detail,  colour, and fun. 

Art inspiration

Oh we do love arty quotes and these have inspired us this month! Share your favourite quotes with us in our Facebook group, whether art-related, inspiration-inducing, funny or just rather lovely!
Articles we have loved. 
10 Mexican Female Artists
rida Kahlo was a game-changer artist. The surrealist artist celebrated indigenous heritage through her paintings at a time when the country’s national identity was fragmented.  In addition to Frida Kahlo there have been
other Mexican female creatives worthy of recognition. To discover more read 10 Mexican Female  Artists You Should Know

Best Street Murals in August
Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning street art murals of the past month. Be amazed by these masterpieces made in August 2017. We love 'Wiener Schmetterlinge' by the French Street Artist Mantra but let us know which work you this is the most awesome by checking out The 7 Best Street Murals in August. 
Louvre Abu Dhabi to Open
The Louvre Abu Dhabi will open to the public on 11 November. The museum’s inauguration, which comes ten years after the signing of a €10 billion contract with the French institution, is due to be officially confirmed at a press conference in the Emirate this morning, see more about the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Out and about with Art Evolution!
Finally, look what we spotted in the shop at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

The North. It's an amazing place and yes we may be biased.This is a great book for those of you, me included, who feels they know everywhere they need to know in the north and have visited everywhere where they need to visit. This fab little book is full of curious places not on the main tourist path but each fascinating and special in their own way. 

Until next time folks... 

Posted on 8 Sep 2017

A warm welcome to the Art Evolution newsletter.