How your business can benefit from the arts

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Posted on 3 Jan 2017

The Benefits of Art for Kids

Everyone says art and creativity are important, but are you wondering what the actual benefits of art are for kids? Read more

Posted on 3 Jan 2017

Summer news from Art Evolution

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Posted on 30 Aug 2016

Art Evolution is here!

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Posted on 20 Jul 2016

War Artworks By Women War Artists

6 Stunning First World War Artworks By Women War Artists The first British official war artists’ scheme was set up by the government in 1916. Although it was initially started for propaganda pu... Read more

Posted on 14 Jul 2016

Reflections By a Gondola
Raccoon Portrait II
Spring in the air II
Tyne Bridge and Quayside
Looking west over Milfield Plain
Piggy in the Middle
Bamburgh Beach
Silver Moon Tree
Coquet Island and Silver Waves
Red Earth
Todo en un Giro
Down South - Brick Steps
Identity 3
Piggy Scratch
Thriller in Manilla
£25 Gift Voucher
Mallyan Field
View of the Cheviots, Thrunton Wood
Sleeping with Stars
A Benchful of Hearts
Autumn Tones IV