The Art Market Is Booming

Contemporary art is on the rise, and Art Evolution is here to help you navigate your place within this growing market.  The Secret to Buying Art? There is no secret...If you see a piece of art t... Read more

Posted on 14 Sep 2017

A warm welcome to the Art Evolution newsletter.

Welcome! ... Read more

Posted on 8 Sep 2017

Why and How Would You Commission Artwork?

So why might you commission art? You might want something unique for your office, your home, as a special gift, to commemorate an achievement of event. The reasons are numerous and varied.   Seem... Read more

Posted on 13 Sep 2017

How your business can benefit from the arts

Forward thinking businesses can use art to differentiate themselves find themselves from their competitors.    Read more

Posted on 3 Jan 2017

The Benefits of Art for Kids

Everyone says art and creativity are important, but are you wondering what the actual benefits of art are for kids? Read more

Posted on 3 Jan 2017

A Hearty Gathering
Coucher du Soleil
Keep Calm
Seagull by town wall.
Heavy Sky
Rebel Sunflower
Hexham Abbey Arches
Towards Cheviot from Edlingham
White Rabbit
After Lunch
Blue Hill
Red Moon
Pinks 2
Kitchen Sink
Dodgy Landing
Durham City in the Snow
Cielo de Fuego
Alnmouth Beach in Snow 1
King Edward's Bay II
Arbeia Roman Fort, South Shields