Blooming Red Flowers

Blooming Red Flowers

by Irina Rumyantseva

20 inches x 20 inches deep edge canvas wall art ready to hang. Abstract floral painting using acrylics. 100% cotton canvas stretched over a deep 1.5 inch wooden frame. No further framing required. A beautiful style of floral painting using the artists' unique technique. Rich gold leaves and vibrant deep red flowers bouncing out of the canvas. Thick, layered textured paint and fine detail. Inspired by the artist's love of flowers and expressive nature. Creating floral art is the most relaxing and natural of all her topics. Inspiration comes from life experiences. The artist has shipped her work all over the world from Australia, USA and Canada to Dubai and Saudi Arabia and all over Europe fast and securely without any problems as the artwork is carefully packaged using layers of thick high quality bubble wrap, plus foam for the edges and solid reinforced cardboard boxes so even glass is protected from impact. All this plus the artwork is fully protected with insurance for peace of mind.

Dimensions50 cm (W) x 50 cm (H) x 4 cm (D)
MediumAcrylic on canvas

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Blooming Red Flowers

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