Sweet Intoxication

Sweet Intoxication

by Hannah Forster

Sweet Intoxication is one in a series of works exploring how humans interact with their environment through the essence of their very being. It was a tricky piece to photograph due to the fact it has a metallic shimmer at certain angles, particularly around the figure's face. Studies based on underwater dancers were perfect as the structural basis from which to develop the idea of human essence. The figure appears to float and is suspended by both the water and her own spiritual commitment to her surroundings. The use of neons, metallics and light summery colours give this piece a decadence and freshness which I have loved creating. Whereas in other pieces I have relied on tonal contrast to create drama, I feel in this piece I have used colour intensity and texture instead. So I am excited about where this may lead.

Dimensions102 cm (W) x 81 cm (H) x 1.5 cm (D)
MediumAcrylic, metallic paint, glaze on canvas.

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Sweet Intoxication

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