Paula Ansley

Photography has always been an integral part of my life, as have animals, so putting the two together was a natural marriage. Whilst working as a scientist in South Africa for several years, in my time off I was able to wander the 'veld' mainly on horseback followed by my trusty dog encountering wild pigs, baboons, wild cats and many, many snakes. During this time I also managed an animal shelter in the townships of Franscchoek in the Western Cape and met a wide variety of both wild and domestic South African creatures. On returning to the UK, I was reminded of the variety of wonderful animals we have in our own farms and fields and it is my desire to capture through photography the diversity of these creatures.

Summer Daze
Rebel Sunflower
Raccoon Portrait II
Raccoon Portrait
Happy as Pig in Mud
Vixen in the Grass
Foxy Lady
White Rabbit
Piggy in the Middle
Piggy Scratch
Single Lone Heart
Old Heart Out
Natural Heart
Swinging Heart
Family of Hearts
Earth Heart II
Earth Heart I
Cream of Hearts
A Hearty Gathering
A Benchful of Hearts