Glynnis Carter

Originally from North London, Glynnis lived, studied and worked in the North East from 1967 - 2000. In 2000 she moved to the North Pennines. In 2004, having gained a BA(Hons) in Fine Art, she gave up teaching and began to paint full time. Her paintings are a response to, rather than a representation of, landscape. Inspired by the colour and structure of rock formations, hills and moorland, constantly changing light and weather conditions, her work has developed from an experimental approach to making paintings. The starting point for a painting might be a piece of canvas that has been left outside for several weeks, accumulating marks made by soil and rain or scraps of a previously abandoned painting. Recently she has been exploring printing techniques and incorporating these into her work. The paintings are made over several weeks, building up layers of colour and texture giving an added depth and complexity. What happens on the canvas during the painting process determines how the painting develops.

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Escarpment 7
Summer Fell 2
Summer Fell 1
Heavy Sky
Blue Ridge
Storm Sky
Pennine Fell 2
Evening Light 2
Evening Light
Warm Earth 6
Warm Earth 7
Fellside Path
Mist Descending
Red Earth
Clearing Sky
Blue Mountain
Strata 5
Mountain III
Early Light